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 Byron Agee, founder and CEO of Agee Smart Technologies, LLC. Agee Smart
Technologies, LLC is an innovation and smart technology firm based in Jackson, MS.
Byron Agee is a native of Jackson, Mississippi and has over 30 years experience in creative
innovations. A graduate of Jackson State University with a degree in Business Administration
and further studies in software development at ITT Technical Institute. Byron follows his
mother’s advice to focus on the future and make the world a better and safer place. Byron
Agee, Agee Smart Technologies, LLC, is focused on helping leaders use strategy,designs, and
creative technologies to innovate faster. Byron is focused on developing and combining
strategy, leadership, technology, and spirituality to drive creative innovation and societal
change. Currently, research is ongoing in the areas of safety glass,creative software, semiconductor
chips,and micro chips. Byron Agee and his team welcome opportunities to cultivate partnerships
with organizations that has an interest in optimizing the digital world we co-exist in. Agee Smart
Technologies, LLC can be contacted at





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